How to get support


Please remember to be professional and courteous at all times in your dealings with us (as you also expect us to be with you)

Please do remember that we strictly enforce all our Terms and Conditions of Service

Please state clearly what support you require or expect so that we may assist you properly

We undertake to provide you with full support related to our products and services.


SUPPORT Phone numbers: You can call the number on the bottom left your telephonic support contract during Office hours (6am to 6pm) and the number on the right, for after hours (6pm to 6am)

Please take proper care with your access credentials (user names and passwords) Please follow ICT Best practise. All of our clients are businesses and we expect clients to be responsible for their accounts and responsible for any security issues related to their services. Please do understand that we currently follow the GDPR (as current ZA legislation does not currently extend to security breach protocols) and we may suspend your account when we are notified of security breaches, as per best practice and as per the protocols defined in the EU GDPR. While we investigate our logs and systems as it pertains to your domains, users and services. We will conclude this process as quick as reasonably possible. Please do be aware that if you have prior security issues and are currently in breach of our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), as amended from time to time, we may terminate your account as per our main T&C.

Please do be aware that we can (are able to) change your passwords and that we follow ICT best practice which may involve multiple forms of authentication as well as additional processes and security questions. Please understand that main access credentials may take up to 24 hours to effectively change as propagation between non Internet facing systems is a manual and tedious process.

We provide all clients free full hosting support for one person per client (Supporting additional or different staff members does cost extra)

Most of the time though, when our clients require support, the support they need is not related to our services or products….

Clients sometimes need assistance with Internet Connectivity, Software and/or Device operation or configuration, hard drive failure, network or router configuration and many other non hosting account related problems.

We do not provide IT services, or sell IT products or services. We do not sell devices, phones, pads and laptops (or hard drives or any other IT equipment). We do not sell operating systems, Cable Routers, Wi-Fi signal boosters or Office software and neither do we install wired networks or wireless networks.

When a client requires IT support, we do point this out but we also try to assist the client with the network, device or software, to the best of our ability, but most of the time we are not able to provide satisfactory levels of support or new software patches or solve IT problems at the client location or device(s) – Sometimes clients are not that IT literate and we have to explain the same thing two or three times, please bear with us and do understand that your support requirements are related to our products and services but you are not and have not paid us for the products and services (your devices, networks and software) and our support is limited in terms of what you may in fact require.

Sometimes a client does not readily accept or appreciate this as they are battling to obtain support from Microsoft or some other huge company.

We do partner with IT companies, please do ask us for a reference to an IT company in your geographical area or an IT company that offers remote desktop support for your operating system, networks or device(s)

Please also do realise that if you are unhappy because you feel that we did not assist you, please do not become rude. Please do not swear or be disrespectful. Please do not threaten us with “Social Media” or with “Lawyers” – All of the previously mentioned things, are serious breaches of our T&C, we will terminate your services. As much as you do not like being threatened and people being rude with you, we do not like or appreciate it either.

We are a nice, ethical, decent family of people. We live to serve clients that are nice, ethical and decent.

Please always assume our best intent, if you are not sure about anything, please do ask!





If you are receiving email notices from your wordpress security solution stating that it is under attack, this is serious.

It means that a program or person is trying to break into your website. Most of the attacks are automated attacks and is usually triggered by an outdated plugin or theme.

Solution: Log into your wordpress and update your plugins and themes by clicking on the update notification in your dashboard.

If your attack or hacking attempts are always from the same IP number, you can also file a complaint at the ISP or you can block that IP number from your website.

WARNING: Do not disable your website security. If your website is compromised it may have to be deleted, with no notice, if it attacks other websites or our infrastructure or breaches our Terms & Conditions of service (Our Agreement)

If the automated attack notifications are bothering you, you can change the number of attacks before an email is sent. You do this from your wordpress dashboard, under “plugins” and under the login security solution: Settings. Scroll down until you see the “number of attacks before an email notification is sent” and set this to your desired number.

It is useful to know when your website is under attack so that you may check that you are updated and that you may check the IP number of the attacker(s) and that you may take other measures as and when required.

If you are receiving too many email notifications

You can log into your wordpress and on the left, under “Settings” click on “Login Sec” then change the setting from 50 to 100 or 500, please do pay attention to attacks and please do notify if your attacks are from similar IP numbers.


Non Support Question

You have probably received this page because you required support about something, but we do not know what you need.

We sometimes receive difficult support requests, where we are required to estimate what is asked.

For example: You may have sent us a photo or screengrab of Thunderbird and asked: “What is this?” in the subject line.

We would not know if you require us to tell you what Thunderbird is? Or if you want to know how to operate Thunderbird? Or if you are not sure how to use your Thunderbird?

 What you need to do now: Whatever support request you sent:  Please re – send your emailed support request

This time: In the subject line state the topic clearly. Example: I do not understand this menu option in Thunderbird

In the body, instead of attaching a screengrab of Thunderbird, please rather take a few seconds and type your problem. Example: If I click or swipe on send and receive nothing happens

We know then that this simply means that you have no new emails and we are able to tell you that, so that you can send yourself a test email and then see something happening…



How to load a Youtube video on my website

Open the video you want to display on your website in your web browser ( Open the video on )

Click on the “Share” option below the video

Click on “Embed” (at the bottom)

Highlight the whole paragraph of the section starting with :  < iframe width=

Right Click and Copy  – or use your browser file function option to “Copy”

Log into your WordPress

Click on Add New Post

To the Right of “Add Media” is a TAB option for “Visual” and “Text” – Click on Text

Right click in the body of the Post and Paste the paragraph starting with < iframe width =

Click on Publish!

Voila! The video is now displaying on your website!


Reset my wordpress password

How to reset your wordpress password

WordPress is an open source (FREE)  CMS (Content Management System) – (There is also a company called wordpress – do not become confused between the two)

Your wordpress manages it’s own passwords. (And you manage your wordpress) – Sometimes your password requires to be changed, automatically, as logins to your website was disabled, by security plugins or wordpress itself. (As someone maybe tried hacking/cracking/breaking in)

Three Easy Steps To reset your wordpress password:

Step One: (To reset your wordpress password)

  • > Go here: https://yourowndomainname/wp-admin

Step Two:

  • > Click on “Lost your password?” and enter  either your wordpress user name or email address

You need to know one of two things: (1) Your Login User Name OR (2) Your email address (setup in your wordpress)

Step Three:

  • > Check your email account for a clickable link, click on it and enter your new password.


If you no longer know your wordpress user name or do not have access to your email address then you need to obtain the services of an SQL engineer, to access the wordpress SQL database and edit the correct fields in the wordpress SQL database linked to your domain.