Prices 2019

T&C: All fees & prices based on pre-paid, in advance and by bank transfer only. Different prices applies to arrears payments, cash deposits and other client requirements.

We try to keep our fees the cheapest of any service provider in South Africa for the same product and/or service. Our level of service is exceptionally high.

  • domain name registrations and renewals are R59 per year. Expired domain names are R621 per year, if possible to renew.
  • com domain names are R149 per year. Expired .com domains are R474, if possible to renew
  • Uncapped business hosting is R79 per month (fair use 10-12GB – 50% of all small businesses) – One Year R869 (One Month Free)
  • Uncapped business hosting is R189 per month (fair use 20-25GB – 60% of all small businesses)
  • Uncapped business hosting is R259 per month (fair use 50-60GB – 65% of all small businesses)
  • Own managed server I is R999 per month ( fair use 1TB/1000GB)
  • Own managed server II is R2999 per month (fair use 30-50TB)
  • Own managed server III is R4999 per month
  • Own cloud from R4999 per month

Domain renewals, hosting and all services are always paid for in advance.

Domain payments have to be cleared and available in our bank account at least 24 hours prior to the domain name expiry date and time.

The effects of non payment:

Non payment for a domain name renewal results in you no longer being the registrant of the domain name and the domain name can be deleted or transferred to any other person.

Non payment of any Invoice results in the suspension of service as well as an additional administration fee of R85

Acceptable payment methods for price list items are bank transfer. If paying by direct cash deposit please add R50 and 10% of the payment amount to your Invoice.


We are currently experiencing losses to provide service to some clients, for example:

Case 1

A Client does a cash deposit in the amount of R59 for a domain name renewal.
Our bank charges us R80 for a cash deposit.
We have to pay the central domain registry R57 for the domain name renewal.

Our nett loss is R78 – It costs us R78 to renew the client’s domain name.

Case 2

A Client does a cash deposit on the 20th of the month of R59 for hosting (Client takes a R20 discount intended for automated payments on the 15th of each month)

Our nett loss to provide the client with hosting is R21

Case 3

A Client does a cash deposit of R79 to pay for hosting

Our net loss to provide the client with hosting is R1

Email Filters

Our Clients have three Filtering options:

Spam Filters (Spam Scores, Auto Delete, etc)

Global Email Filters (Settings for ALL your email accounts)

Email Filters (Settings for a Single email account)

Please EDIT any filter BEFORE deleting it…

Please contact for any additional assistance or support relating to Email Filters


How to load a Youtube video on my website

Open the video you want to display on your website in your web browser ( Open the video on )

Click on the “Share” option below the video

Click on “Embed” (at the bottom)

Highlight the whole paragraph of the section starting with :  < iframe width=

Right Click and Copy  – or use your browser file function option to “Copy”

Log into your WordPress

Click on Add New Post

To the Right of “Add Media” is a TAB option for “Visual” and “Text” – Click on Text

Right click in the body of the Post and Paste the paragraph starting with < iframe width =

Click on Publish!

Voila! The video is now displaying on your website!


Reset my wordpress password

How to reset your wordpress password

WordPress is an open source (FREE)  CMS (Content Management System) – (There is also a company called wordpress – do not become confused between the two)

Your wordpress manages it’s own passwords. (And you manage your wordpress) – Sometimes your password requires to be changed, automatically, as logins to your website was disabled, by security plugins or wordpress itself. (As someone maybe tried hacking/cracking/breaking in)

Three Easy Steps To reset your wordpress password:

Step One: (To reset your wordpress password)

  • > Go here: https://yourowndomainname/wp-admin

Step Two:

  • > Click on “Lost your password?” and enter  either your wordpress user name or email address

You need to know one of two things: (1) Your Login User Name OR (2) Your email address (setup in your wordpress)

Step Three:

  • > Check your email account for a clickable link, click on it and enter your new password.


If you no longer know your wordpress user name or do not have access to your email address then you need to obtain the services of an SQL engineer, to access the wordpress SQL database and edit the correct fields in the wordpress SQL database linked to your domain.

Internet Marketing

Marketing your Website and domain on the Internet

Each Nkosi hosting client has access to a Step by Step Internet Marketing Guides AND Systems. To obtain FREE access to the various systems please send a request to (This includes an Internet Marketing System ( as well as Mailing list & Bulk Email system(s) – 60 000 emails are included at no extra costs, low fee’s apply thereafter – ( This is  INCLUDED WITH ALL HOSTING PLANS (no cost)

The step by step, how to market your website and domain on the Internet, is an easy to follow ethical marketing recipe. It includes additional services, which are available at no extra cost, to all our clients.

We can also follow and perform the steps for you, at a low hourly rate. We also offer pay per click and other paid marketing options!