Email Filters

Our Clients have three Filtering options: Spam Filters (Spam Scores, Auto Delete, etc) Global Email Filters (Settings for ALL your email accounts)

2019 Additional Pricing

Additional Domain & DNS services and product pricing for 2019 click here Parked Domain update and link to yearly business hosting plan:

Internet Marketing

Marketing your Website and domain on the Internet Each Nkosi hosting client has access to a Step by Step Internet Marketing Guides

Reporting Spam

No Spam! – The Only Time Nkosi Clients receive spam is when someone specifically targets them. Our clients are empowered to stop

Getting Started With WordPress

WordPress is a popular CMS (Content Management System) that allows users to easily manage content on their website.  Each WordPress installation consists

Email Errors

There are many different types of e-mail errors and fixing and a few easy steps to manage any email errors. The first