Domain, Website & Email hosting should be very important to your business. The relationship that you have with your hosting company is an important trust based relationship. Your chosen hosting company provides a level of privacy, a level of security and a level of trust that you require.

Nkosi Web Hosting is not for everyone or for all companies. Nkosi is exclusive: We choose not to offer hosting for pornography, pyramid schemes, spammers, scammers and many other businesses and people. Many of our long term clients are professional businesses. Most of our clients require good quality security, high levels of privacy and confidential business communications. We expect professional, ethical, good and open communication between our staff and clients at all times.

Is your company becoming larger and do you need special anti spam, higher security and a lot more secure storage space? Cloud Drives, Large IMAP email boxes?

Do you need high security? Top hosting quality? Larger, more,  faster and better? Tired of receiving SPAM? Need s larger hosting plan?

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