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Domain Name System (DNS) is used to translate NAMES into NUMBERS DNS Server Rental Nkosi offers dedicated DNS Server rentals from R495 per month (with Web APPLICATON with an easy…

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Prices 2019

Contact now: 062 030 6054 or E-Mail: Nkosi offers the very best, high quality business hosting, so we offer the BEST HOSTING there is, anywhere on the planet We…

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Hosting for email and websites

There are two main types of hosting we offer: Secure Business Hosting and Commercial Hosting Secure Business Hosting plans are yearly and start from 20GB payable monthly - Additional discounts…

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Howto Terminate Your Services

Whether you are transferring your domain name to another registrar or whether you are closing your business, the process is exactly the same: All hosting contracts are yearly and Nkosi…

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