Domains are not bought or sold, domains are registered.

All domains are registered from a specific date to a specific date (Expiry Date)

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Generally, if domain names are not renewed and paid for, before the expiry date, the domain becomes available for registration by anyone, including the domain registrar or anyone else. Domain registrars have their own Terms & Conditions regarding domain name registrations. These Terms & Conditions are subject to the laws of the country where the registry is based as well as regional registry and domain control bodies regulations.

If you register a domain with Nkosi Web Hosting ( your domain transfers, registrant, registrar locks, dnssec and other domain name services are subject to Cozadomain Domain Regulations, which is part of the Cozadomain Additional Terms, of the Basic Terms & Conditions of Service (T&C)

If your domain registration is linked to an annual hosting plan, you may transfer your domain to any registrar at any time and with no notice, but, such a transfer is also an immediate cancelation of your hosting plan (As per the Basic T&C)

If your domain registration is linked to a monthly hosting plan, such a domain may only be cancelled or transferred upon payment of the residual of 12 months hosting, as the DNS and other expenses is provisioned and expended on an annual basis and the costs have to be recovered prior to the domain leaving the service.

If your domain registrations is for domain parking (domains with no hosting) then Nkosi arries the costs and expense of your DNS hosting and such domains may not be transferred to a different registrar for a period of at least 60 months and is also subject to escalated domain renewal fees as per the TLD pricelists.

Domains registered in the same TLD, for singular or plural can be parked ontop of the primary domain name, but not across different TLD’s. Accross different TLD is considered domain parking and each such domain has to be linked to a separate yearly hosting plan.

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* Subject to any additional Terms & Conditions of specific products