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  • Tailor made Website & Email hosting options: SSD/10GB-50GB storage and more!
  • Bulk Email included
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Your domain name is your own brand name It is all about you, your brand, your name, your narrative, your products, your services: YOU

We offer decades long reputation: (1) Very high quality, (2) Reliability, (3) Security and (4) Service - We are the factory. We do not resell or rely on any third party company as all our hosting services are fully mobile and can migrate continents, nations and planetary networks (as well as platforms) in a few seconds.

We do not have clients. We are a family.
Our relationships are a TWO WAY street of trust and respect mixed with high ethical and moral standards.
We are an independent and mobile network, We are an independent and accredited domain registrar. We replace hardware frequently in order for our network to remain young, fresh and reliable. We develop our own cloud side server based software. We also use artificial intelligence technology, developed by ourselves. We do not oversell shared resources. (This means our clients always have lots of storage, lots of bandwidth and lots of speed.)

Website and Mobile Applications Your website can also be a mobile application
E-mail Email is still the best and most reliable method to communicate
SSL/Encryption/Security Strong encryption protects your data in transit

With us, YOU Control your own passwords, access, accounts, email logs and even spam settings.

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Your Domain

Your domain & hosting includes:
  • The domain name itself
  • DNS (Domain Name Service)
  • Uncapped Hosting configured to suit your requirements
  • Management Control Panel
  • You create your own Email addresses & your own Passwords
  • Websites, Cloud drive, Calendar Diary sharing & more!
Email Support and Assistance

We provide FULL SUPPORT, ample documentation, step by step guides and more! Additionaly the following are available: practical and hands on training telephonic support, Books & Additional materials. You are empowered to perform many management and control tasks yourself or simply order the service directly from us at fair and affordable rates.

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Need More?

We Monitor your hosting 24/7/365

We constantly measure your resources, traffic and all access in order to provide active and actionable intelligence

Backups & Data

You are always in charge and responsible for your own data but for operational purposes we make real time backups, inter continental backups and we are able to restore real time services anywhere and over multiple clouds in a few seconds

Uptime and High Availabilty

Our network has an uptime of 23 years (Feb 2019). We constantly renew our hardware, We constantly renew our protocols, We constantly develop new software and new protocols, we constantly change our security processes and we fully understand, embrace and utilise the chaotic nature of the Internet.


We provide full support no matter your hosting requirements. Our qualified consultants are available during office hours Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm and on Saturdays and Sundays from 9am to 1pm

Nkosi Web Hosting (Pty) Ltd
You Drive

We provide you with Domain Control Panels where you set your own usernames, passwords and settings. You have access to email server logs, so that you can see all incoming and outgoing email. Including email from poor reputation and low quality IP numbers as well as broken email servers, spyware, virus and phish that we refuse to accept (or mark as possible spam or abuse for you). You are also able to set your own spam filtering levels and control your own domain block lists and whitelists.

File Managers & Cloud Drive(s)

You can configure additional directories, password protect cloud drives and upload/download encrypted files from/to your own domain. This empowers you to share files and data and control the sharing directly so that your data and files are never available to third party comp[anies or multinational organisations.

Strong Encryption

We also generate and maintain valid SSL certificates for your domain name. This allows you to offer https:// as well as SSL connections to all your services. You can also load EV and wildcard SSL certificates on your domain name from your domain control panel.

Bulk Email Services

We offer basic access to where you receive high deliverability for your newsletters, notification and other bulk email requirements.

...and even more

Basic Consultation

Our Qualified, Registered and Accredited engineers are available for basic consultation. Additional or extended consultation is available at affordable hourly rates!

Additional Services

All other service requirements are provided locally and at very competitive rates.

Servers, Private Networks, Public & Private clouds

We provide development, setup, configuration, installation, implimentation and operation of private/public servers, Private Networks, Public & Private clouds as well as cloud applications. (Dev/Sys/Ops)

Joint ventures

We form limited partnerships and joint ventures with ICT (Information Technology) companies whereby we outsource localised installation, support, configuration and ongoing maintenance to our local IT partners. Please contact us for additional information.


We offer full maintenance single purpose servers (DNS, Web, E-mail) where we perform system administration, security and other maintenance tasks under a SLA

Technical support

Our technical support is available 24/7

Consulting Services

We offer a diverse array of consulting services provided by experienced, qualified and professional consultants.

Online Business Management Applications (BMA)

We offer a wide array of business management tools, ratios, analysis and other online functionality.