Bank Details Change

When your contact details change, or your banking information changes, what should happen? Further down this article is a proposal that you may adopt as your own and change to…

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ATTACK HAPPENING TO Your Website If you are receiving email notices from your wordpress security solution stating that it is under attack, this is serious. It means that a program…


Cannot See my Website

Cannot see your website or control panel? If you cannot see your website your device or connection may be blocked on our firewalls. Did you recently try to setup an…

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How to load a Youtube video on my website

Open the video you want to display on your website in your web browser ( Open the video on ) Click on the "Share" option below the video Click…

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Reset my wordpress password

How to reset your wordpress password Wordpress is an open source (FREE)  CMS (Content Management System) - (There is also a company called wordpress - do not become confused between…

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Internet Marketing

Marketing your Website and domain on the Internet Each Nkosi hosting client has access to a Step by Step Internet Marketing Guides AND Systems. To obtain FREE access to the…

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