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Email defers and failures

Please be aware that Nkosi does not allow you to send many defers and failures and we will block your ability to send any emails, even to legitimate email accounts.…

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Website Contact Form Spam

Real people (sometimes in faraway countries sometimes is a factory near you) are completing contact forms for payment. They are paid  to submit advertising on your website, usually by  unscrupulous…

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Why Breach of Terms and Conditions of Services are serious

Clouds, servers, services are shared by many individual people and different companies. When one company publishes illegal content, sends unsolicited emails it affects the reputation and service delivery of everyone…

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550 Administrative prohibition email error

If you receive an email error: Administrative prohibition or 550 Administrative prohibition: This means that you cannot send email to that server right now. You can email to find…

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Transferring Domain Names

Transferring Domain Name To Nkosi Transferring a domain name to us is very simple, you complete a client application form and then we do everything else for you. Transferring Domain…

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IT Dealers and Vendors

IT Dealers Wanted We are looking for IT dealers to support our clients. (IT Dealers looking for new clients) Do you offer: Anti Virus scans, Call out, remote desktop and…

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2019 Additional Pricing

Additional Domain & DNS services and product pricing for 2019 click here Parked Domain update and link to yearly business hosting plan: R0 Nkosi Web Hosting recovers DNS provisioned costs…

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Internet Marketing

Marketing your Website and domain on the Internet Each Nkosi hosting client has access to a Step by Step Internet Marketing Guides AND Systems. To obtain FREE access to the…

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