What Are Domains?

Domains are names (words or brands) that resolve (are linked) to ip numbers as Internet traffic routes by numbers and not names.


To check any .co.za domain extension or any .com domain extension, please search here: https://domains.by.co.za

To REGISTER a domain name or to transfer a domain name to us: https://nkosi.co.za/what-does-it-cost/


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If EXAMPLE was a domain name, it would resolve to an ip number or ip numbers. Routing on the Internet (Traffic) are routed by number and not by name. So, a domain name is a name that resolves (has) a number associated to it. Some domain names have one name but many numbers which are associated to that single name. Some single number has many names associated to it.

An IP number could have many domains pointing to it.

A Domain name could have many numbers it points to.

Or a domain name could have an IP number and and IP number could have a domain name.

DNS is currently mostly used to translate names into numbers and numbers into names.

The Internet is constantly changing and will soon no longer be free, open and fair as each passing day marks a reduction of distributed social control thereof.