• * Nkosi uses proprietary Advanced Intelligent Spam Control, Our clients can choose to receive NO SPAM.

* Nkosi has low contention ratios – In lay terms: In a cloud, container or on a shared server(s) domains contend for resources (like network, memory & processing). Nkosi limits (and separates) domains in groups so that one domain does not have to compete against another to obtain resources. The result is FAST client experience.

* Nkosi supplies services in:  (1) shared hosting,  (2) per cpu, per memory per storage space (and speed) (3) per server (incl. c-panel servers)  (4) per cloud (5) per container – We excel because of our own proprietary software and our level of client service.

* Nkosi has a low (and very reasonable) profit margin – This results is the best price quality combination in terms of the value proposition.

* Nkosi is exclusive: We refuse to provide service to spammers, certain pornographers, rude people and others (all services are supplied subject to agreeing to all our various Terms & Conditions of Service)

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Nkosi Communications has direct interests in operations and subsidiaries offering service, licensing, agencies, goods and products for the ICT sector. We also facilitate business expansion.

Bulk E-Mail & Bulk SMS Sytems

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