Step One : Set your email software and device apps to NOT COLLECT email (Off line mode)

Step Two: If you can and have access to change your email account password, sign into your control panel and change your email account password

Step Three: If you are still signed into your control panel, sign out and go to your webmail https://yourowndomainnamehere:2096

Step Four: Sign into your webmail : https://yourowndomainnamehere:2096

Step Five : If you are able to sign on, the account is functional. If you are not able to sign on, go back to Step One and repeat Step 1 to Step 3

Step Six : Change the incoming And Outgoing passwords to the new password on your Software/Devices and Apps

If you become blocked (You can no longer see the control panel login screen or webmail login screen) you can try to find your public IP number. This website displays your public IP number (at the bottom right hand side) : CHECK MY IP NUMBER ) you can also send an email to – Although we are not able to manually lift IP blocks, we can request the AI to re-evaluate your IP number.

Ultimately, the AI manages the amount of time the IP is blocked and this period is determined by how good or bad your connectivity provider is with managing abuse on their network and many other factors… (Blocks are in 3 different places, network border, cloud or server border and cloud or server itself… the time usually varies between 15 minutes, an hour or 6 hours or even 24 hours or permanent…)