What is my Control Panel Password?

Nkosi DOES NOT store any client credentials, so we have no clue what your password is.

Once Nkosi has sent you your control panel credentials we permanently delete your clear text passwords on all our systems.

All that can be done is we can reset your user name password or re-create your hosting account or restart your dedicated server in rescue mode and reset your password(s).

For all three types of Control Panels Nkosi offers, the process to receive a new password is the same… (cPanel, Plesk & NPanel)

If you have lost your control panel password, this is serious and you must please notify Nkosi ASAP in order to avoid damage to our clouds and servers.

Step One : Notify support@nkosi.co.za immediately that you have lost your password(s) – NB: ** Supply your full/complete DOMAIN NAME in the email subject line ** (Each domain name has a different profile, even if you have multiple domains and/or hosting plans, each profile is unique and has a unique profile ascii name)

Step Two : Request a new hosting account or password reset in the body of the email

Step Three : Check your mobile number or 2F contact for authentication request from Nkosi (Or wait for a phone call from Nkosi to answer your security questions)

Step Four : Receive your new password(s) user name(s) on the configured method(s)

Due to the secure and personal nature of password reset and account re-creation and/or server rescue and/or password server re-syncing, a password change or account re-creation process takes a lot of time. (It can take a day or few days, depending on time of day, availability, resources and process requirements)

Please ensure that you store and keep your passwords securely, possibly off line (not on the Internet) and possibly in encrypted file systems or encrypted files or on papers / printouts.