If your website uses WORDPRESS content management system

Step One: Sign Into your WordPress

Step Two: Click On: (i) New Post /or/ (ii) Edit Post /or/ (iii)New Page or (iv) Edit Page

Step Three: Click in the body of the Post/Page where you want the PDF to appear AND Type the words you wish to display for readers to click on, when viewing your new PDF

Step Four: Load the actual PDF Document into your MEDIA library using either “Add Media” OR by clicking on MEDIA and then upload the new PDF

Step Five: Go to the MEDIA library and click on the new PDF doc, to the left, look for the URL of this media file, copy & paste the URL into the POST/PAGE of Step Two above

Step Six: Highlight the typed words in Step Three, and click on the “CHAIN” icon above the content box, Edit the popup content with the URL in Step Five and even the Text in Step Three


If your website uses HTML

Step One: You need to first upload the document/PDF into the public HTML directory on your webserver

Step Two: Open the HTML file in an editor or in yoru file manager

Step Three: Add the URL Link for the PDF into the HTML by adding a link: https://example.com/example.pdf