If you are receiving email notices from your wordpress security solution stating that it is under attack, this is serious.

It means that a program or person is trying to break into your website. Most of the attacks are automated attacks and is usually triggered by an outdated plugin or theme.

Solution: Log into your wordpress and update your plugins and themes by clicking on the update notification in your dashboard.

If your attack or hacking attempts are always from the same IP number, you can also file a complaint at the ISP or you can block that IP number from your website.

WARNING: Do not disable your website security. If your website is compromised it may have to be deleted, with no notice, if it attacks other websites or our infrastructure or breaches our Terms & Conditions of service (Our Agreement)

If the automated attack notifications are bothering you, you can change the number of attacks before an email is sent. You do this from your wordpress dashboard, under “plugins” and under the login security solution: Settings. Scroll down until you see the “number of attacks before an email notification is sent” and set this to your desired number.

It is useful to know when your website is under attack so that you may check that you are updated and that you may check the IP number of the attacker(s) and that you may take other measures as and when required.

If you are receiving too many email notifications

You can log into your wordpress and on the left, under “Settings” click on “Login Sec” then change the setting from 50 to 100 or 500, please do pay attention to attacks and please do notify if your attacks are from similar IP numbers.