You have probably received this page because you required support about something, but we do not know what you need.

We sometimes receive difficult support requests, where we are required to estimate what is asked.

For example: You may have sent us a photo or screengrab of Thunderbird and asked: “What is this?” in the subject line.

We would not know if you require us to tell you what Thunderbird is? Or if you want to know how to operate Thunderbird? Or if you are not sure how to use your Thunderbird?

 What you need to do now: Whatever support request you sent:  Please re – send your emailed support request

This time: In the subject line state the topic clearly. Example: I do not understand this menu option in Thunderbird

In the body, instead of attaching a screengrab of Thunderbird, please rather take a few seconds and type your problem. Example: If I click or swipe on send and receive nothing happens

We know then that this simply means that you have no new emails and we are able to tell you that, so that you can send yourself a test email and then see something happening…