No Spam! (Your Settings: So that you do not receive any spam – not even one) – The first settings are all the emails that your domain receives. The second is your actual spam threshold number (numeric 1 -9)  and the third component is what you want to happen.

Process to do my Spam Settings & See Email Logs

Step 1 : Log into my domain: https://(type- your-own-domain-name):2083

(All Nkosi Communications Client Domains have SSL / HTTPS)

Under the “EMAIL” menu item:

To See All Incoming & Outgoing Emails: You can Click on “Track Delivery”

My Domain Spam Settings

To Change your Domain Spam Settings: You click on : Apache SpamAssassin (the Nkosi Plugins are custom and unique)


There are two important considerations and two important settings:


1. The email message is marked as  *** — If it is detected (by our own proprietary 3rd party systems, software,  c-panel plugins, plugins for: postfix, exim & spamassassin) as possible virus,phish,scams,abuse,spam. You can choose to receive these marked messages, you can increase (or decrease) the score for these messages or you do not have to receive these messages and you can auto delete them, based on the spam score number in your settings.

You are in control of which emails you receive, yourself!

2. Auto Delete Detected Spam

Doing your Actual Settings:

The default setting is 5 with no auto deletion

You can change your level to any number between 1 and 9
(Default = 5)
1 = Strict
5 = Average
9 = Loose

You can Enable Auto Deletion or you can disable auto deletion
(Default = Disable)


More Information & Assistance with deciding what your own domain spam levels should be

If all, or almost all of the real spam your are receiving is marked: ***   – at the default level of “5” – you can enable auto deletion and then you will not longer receive any emails marked: ***

If too many of the valid emails you are receiving is marked: ***  – at the default level of “5” – you can increase your level to “6”, after a day or two, try “7” or “8” or even “9” (maximum is 9.9)

If you are receiving too much spam, reduce your default level of “5” to “4”, “3” and even “2” (minimum is 1) up to he point where you can enable auto deletion

Frequently Asked Questions about Spam

Why is my email marked as SPAM when it is from a bank or from SA Revenue Services (SARS) or other well known source?


Answer: Because the sending server has a BAD REPUTATION and the company or Government is using this POOR reputation server, which also sends out SPAM, PHISH, SCAMS or other rubbish, to send out legit emails.

TIP: You can white list domains that you want to receive emails from, even though the servers these domains use have a poor reputation.

Where can I see all my incoming & outgoing emails, even the ones I did not receive?

Answer: You can see in your “track emails” Functionality, what is happening to all your incoming and outgoing emails.

You can also ask for support or help with your domain settings!

TIP:  Find your domain balance – Blacklist: You can auto delete all incoming email (No Email === No Spam === Guaranteed!)  and only allow specific senders and domains. White List: Allow specific senders. Auto Real Time Black Lists (x87 databases) & Scoring – If your Spam settings are too strict, you will receive NO SPAM but you will have lower receiver Deliverability – If you choose to auto delete emails from any remember to advise your senders to use alternate email addresses to effectively communicate with you. Watch your email logs to check for auto deleted spam.