We do not permit the sending of any bulk emails from our shared hosting accounts. Our definition of bulk email is quite strict:  We define bulk email as the sending of roughly the same email to more than one person in a 24 hour period.

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Nkosi shared domain web and email hosting provides only transactional email services and on a fair use relayed email totals per domain and hosting plan:

  • 20GB hosting plan 36 000 emails per month (50 p/h)
  • 40GB hosting plan 180 000 emails per month (250 p/h)
  • 100GB hosting plan 360 000 emails per month (500 p/h)
  • 500 GB hosting plan 360 000 emails per month (500 p/h)
  • 2TB hosting plan NC, (no spam) (No Groups, no nodes, 5k p/h)
  • 5TB hosting plan NC, (no spam) (Multi, Group nodes, 2x5k p/h)
  • 10TB hosting plan NC, (no spam) (Multi, Group nodes, 2x5k p/h)

If you really want to send bulk emails from Nkosi clouds, servers and networks we could possibly offer you two different options:


You can apply for a mailing list at five.co.za by completing this form: https://nkosi.co.za/support/create-my-own-email-list/ – By completing the application we will check if we have capacity and whether we are able to provide you with services. You can obtain more information about mailing lists on our Advertises.co.za website.

if your application is succesful, costs start from around R39 per month, per domain name and includes changes to your DNS zone, DNSSEC, SPF, DKIM as well as new encryption keys, tracking tools (to comply with the EU GDPR as well as legislation by US States, such as California, you may need to ammend your own Terms & Conditions of service as well as obtain direct and auditable permission from certain consumers to comply with privacy and other provisions of these laws)


You can apply for your own managed email server with mailman or by using local to remote relay apps (Unfortunately our two clouds do not offer email relay using port 25 as ingress and egress on port 25 is blocked on our cloud firewalls)  – For a possible quote on your own server(s) Please send an email to: info@nkosi.co.za