Clouds, servers, services are shared by many individual people and different companies. When one company publishes illegal content, sends unsolicited emails it affects the reputation and service delivery of everyone in that same cloud, server or service.

So, the behavior of one client could affect the reputation of another client and the network reputation of the service provider.

Which is why the rules are strictly enforced for all clients.

When a small business do not take adequate care to protect passwords, access credentials and these credentials are used by criminals to attack other businesses in the same cloud, server or service or even to attack outside networks, this affects the reputation and trust afforded to the provider. this in turn affects the clients using that cloud, server or service directly.

When any client acts with a light hearted and irresponsible attitude to their access credentials it is better if the provider terminates such a relationship as the long terms costs to provide services to such a client is extremely high. The business risk and other effects of providing service to such an actor is very high and this is the reason why Nkosi applies the provisions in it’s own Terms & Conditions of service, very strictly.

When the relationship with clients break down due to rude behavior, swearing, threats and all other behavior as defined in the T&C, it also affects the trust relationship between service provider and client as the service provider is no longer confident that the client can be trusted.

When clients do attack other companies and persons inside or outside of the Nkosi networks: Service to such a client is terminated as per the Nkosi Terms and Conditions of Service. Whether the attacks are due to spyware, virus or malware and not the client actions directly, does not matter. The client is all the client devices, all the client software and all the client network connections. Clients are responsible to ensure that their devices do not contain malware. When a client is notified of a potential security issue, Nkosi expects that client to act responsibly and stop the security issue as not doing so and an ongoing issue will trigger enforcement of the T&C.

For such a client their is no resolution as Nkosi simply is not interested to provide such a client with service. Other service providers has and do provide a “Red Light District” or a “very low reputation” hosting area, which is then where they migrate “clients” to, without such a “client” being aware that they are now a resident of a poor repution Internet area.

The premise is that the sertvice provider “Protects” their Consumer reputation as “The Customer is always right” and the customer can do whatever they want as they are paying money.

Nkosi has chosen not to maintain a “Red Light District” as such poor quality networks are dangerous and serves to promote, enable and empower criminal activity and many other nefarious things.

Instead, Nkosi rather informs the client,: openly, honestly and directly that the client is no longer welcome and that Nkosi is not interested to provide any services.

If you are affected by the application of Nkosi T&C, and your services are now terminated, the best advice is to learn from this experience and to try to become a better netizen. At your next service provider, work with that service provider, understand the word: NETWORK Understand better that you are connected to that service provider. Understand that as much as your new service provider has to trust you, you also have to trust your new service provider.

Nkosi and all Nkosi clients are a family, a very small family, and we are sorry that you are no longer part of our family but we do wish you only the best for your future.