No Spam! – The Only Time Nkosi Clients receive spam is when someone specifically targets them. Our clients are empowered to stop any spam forever. You can also report spam to us. We feed into SORBS, SPAMCOP, ASCAMS and 87 other International RBL, DNSBL.

There are multiple ways to report spam and abuse. You can make sure that the abuse stops by reporting the spam or abuse correctly. Nkosi has a no tolerance approach to: spam, scams, phishing, spear phishing, stalking, online harassment or any type of cyber crime. The correct way to deal with abuse

Dealing with Abuse

You can report spam you have received from anywhere by forwarding the entire email message, including the email headers (Forward email as an attachment) to

You can report spam sent by any Nkosi cloud or server(s) by sending a complaint to

You can report any crime, stalking, harassment, bullying or any other abuse by sending an email to

Escalations, followups and any additional Abuse related information: