Maybe a friend sent you a website link and your device was compromised with spyware or virus. Maybe you installed an app or other software and now your device is not behaving properly or has become compromised…

If you are at a home or small office network and all of your Internet connectivity comes from one router, you may find that none of your devices, computers, laptops, notebooks or pads on the same network are able to see your website...

If your device has tried to abuse our systems, or has abused our systems, we may have disabled your domain name.

If we have disabled your domain name, the front page will display “SUSPENDED”

Try to view your domain name in a browser, from a different Internet connection: Can you see your default website?

If you can see your website, please see the section: Howto reset my passwords

If you cannot see your website, please try a different or other Internet connection or contact for confirmation that your website and domain is working/functional.

If your domain is working/functional please see the section:  Howto reset my passwords

Howto reset my passwords

We can reset your control panel password for you: You can start by sending an email to with the request to change your control panel password, in the subject line. Please have the answers to your security question at hand and please ensure that you have access to the phone numbers on our systems for your domain name, lastly, please ensure that you have access to the second factor authentication as set for your hosting account.

If your email account(s) have been compromised:

(1) You need to find the virus and/or spyware and remove it

(2) You need to change your passwords for your email accounts, on your email software, to a new password

(3) You need to close your email software (Do not collect any emails)

(4) With all of your email software and accounts closed, log into your control panel and change the email password(s) to your new password(s)

(5) Log out of your control panel and test your email account(s) and new passwords, using WEBMAIL (Your own domain with :2096 at the end)

(6) When you are sure that your email accounts work in webmail, turn on your email software (If you have multiple laptops, do this one by one in order to establish that you have entered the correct new password on each device)