Your office or home (or phone, etc) is connected to your ISP (or connection provider) and your ISP is connected to the Inter Network (Internet)

So, when your connection provider has issues, some services to your hosting provider may be affected.

You can check your IP number EASILY, HERE:  (Scroll Down : IP Number)

If you reload your browser a few times in the same minute, and you have a different number in that minute, more than likely YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION IS NOT STABLE enough to handle strong ongoing encryption

Nkosi provides only business hosting. ALL of your Internet connections to us, use very strong, military grade, encryption. We DO NOT fallover to plaintext or ‘carry’ encrypted tunnels to another IP number, as it is not secure.

What this means is that: If your Internet Connection providers connection goeds up & down, due to hacking or tower/signal/cable outages and your IP number changes while you are in an encrypted tunnel to Nkosi, that connection will be terminated and you will need to make a new encrypted connection to Nkosi.

Our policy is that your Internet connection has to be stable, for us to be able to provide you with encrypted services.

If your Internet connection provider is not able to supply you with a stable connection to the Internet the solution is to find a better service provider as it is not in your or own best interests to not use strong encryption.

To be more clear: We do not provide any “home” or non encrypted plaintext services and we do not offer unsecure encrypted tunnel switching.