If we have informed you that you may have an unstable Internet connection, here is the detailed technical explanation for that advice:

Your connection to the Internet can be provided with free wi-fi at a coffee shop or at your home by using a wi-fi router or by a cable router or at your office with a dedicated router.

If your wi-fi router or cable router is very regularly and intermittently forced to re-establish a connection to the Internet and then receives a new IP number from your Internet Connectivity provider, each time, then your connection to the Internet is unstable and not reliable.

In order to use very strong encryption on the Internet you are required to have a stable Internet connection.

This means that your connection to the Internet MUST NOT be intrrupted during the encrypted session.

If your connection is unstable the encrypted tunnel is broken and then you have to establish a new encrypted tunnel. If you are re-establish a new encrypted tunnel while the old encrypted tunnel is still open and you do this a few times, then your PUBLIC IP numbers will become blocked on our cloud(s).

Your PUBLIC IP number is the IP number on your router, all of your devices connecting to your local router, usually shares the SAME PUBLIC IP number.

Solutions: Check what is causing your wi-fi router to go up and down? Contact your Internet Connectivity provider and tell them that your IP number keeps changing in the middle of your encrypted sessions and this breaks your encrypted tunnels. Explain that you use your Internet connection for private business and that you INSIST on having a working and stable connection to the Internet.

Some of the main reasons why this happens:

  • There is something in your area that causes radio interference so your wi-fi router keeps losing signal itself ( Generally you may also experience SLOW Internet or broken voice calls?)
  • Your Internet Connectivity provider has over sold their own fibre Internet Bandwidth (Think of Internet bandwidth as water in a hosepipe and then water in a larger pipe)
  • Your Internet Connectivity provider has too little spectrum (Too little frequency and too many clients on that frequency)

If your connectivity provider is unable to provide you with a stable Internet connection, please find a different connectivity provider – maybe switch to ADSL or Cable or anything else that works?  — Unfortunately Nkosi ONLY provides strong encrypted business hosting – we do not have any plaintext or low encryption products and all our clients are real businesses. We do not offer hobby hosting or home blog hosting.