There are two main types of hosting we offer: Secure Business Hosting and Commercial Hosting

Secure Business Hosting plans are yearly and start from 20GB payable monthly – Additional discounts are available

Commercial Hosting plans single purpose servers (Own IPv4 number, managed task server) are yearly and start from 20GB payable monthly  Рsmall once off setup fee may apply depending on SUP (Single use purpose) or MUP (Multi Use Purpose)

Secure Business Hosting

Is mainly intended for the average small/medium business with a website and staff email users. Secure Business Hosting can be in shared hosting server(s), in cloud(s) or on managed dedicated servers.

Commercial Hosting

Is for anyone that operates an Internet business, provides websites for other third parties and/or provides Internet services to other people. Commercial Hosting can be split, SUP, MUP, VPS (with public entry, or without (private)), Load balancers, Cache and custom (agreed to) configurations. We do not offer any back to back splits (for example multiple MX on outside network) although we are able to offer DNS split when the requirements are for split MUP, for example). For us to provide a quote please send the design and service requirements to: