With the advent of Covid-19 everyone rushed to get everything “on line” and many people are now learning that Internet Hosting, Networking, Speed and reliability is of great importance.

Planning your Internet business starts with exactly that: a written plan.

Here are some basic things that should be in your written plan:

What are you offering to other people? (Define your various offerings as exactly as possible) and what are you guaranteeing?

How much traffic are you expecting and what type of traffic? (How many visitors, requesting how much and what size of data as well as at which time of day what is expected)

General Plans: For data overage(s), All backups (off site backups and real time backups), Plan for contentions (Denial of Service attacks), Plan your security (Protocols, Providers, Technology and so much more)

Create Policies: Security policy, Acceptable use policy (Which could include aspects of your offerings), Privacy policy and more

If you are planning to buy wholesale resources (Commercial Hosting) and re-sell or re-supply – plan for scalability  and check the flexibility of your supply.

There are many more aspects of your Internet business and as you define the above aspects you will find that there are more questions and additional requirements. Your written plan should be a living document and you should add and edit your written plan regularly to include all the dynamic and static aspects of your Internet business.

TIP: Do not simply rely on the word or advice of any single party, do research. Establish your requirements properly and ensure that you always have full control over your own data, Intellectual property (including domain names, data, designs, layouts and provided data)

Most commercial Internet business is trust based. You trust your suppliers and contractors and your suppliers and contractors trust you. As you may route your own AS on your own routers or you may simply rent bare metal servers in remote data centers, it does not matter.  Your suppliers may have to trust you with their IPv4 resources or you may apply to a RIR for your own (if there are resources available for you to apply for…)

If you want to apply to become part of a family and trusted, reliable and functional network of services, please send an email to: info@nkosi.co.za 

Nkosi Hosting offers exclusive, personalised and boutique services and always at the best price/value combinations

We exclude many types of commercial hosting, for example gambling, pornography and many other use cases that we choose not to provide services to….