Domain Name System (DNS) is used to translate NAMES into NUMBERS

DNS Server Rental

Nkosi offers dedicated DNS Server rentals from R495 per month (with Web APPLICATON with an easy management interface, dns server rental is yearly term which can be paid monthly) – for more info please email

Custom DNS hosting

Nkosi also offers custom DNS Zone file hosting from R228 per year. Custom DNS zones may or may not work with an existing business hosting account as some functionality of the business hosting accounts are dynamic (IP numbers keep changing and at any and/or unpredicable times or periods) Custom DNS hosting may require custom Website/Web Application hosting or custom/dedicated e-mail server hosting or own cloud hosting. Own cloud hosting starts from R2388 per year (R199 per month) and can be used for either website/web application or for dedicated e-mail server.

Business hosting accounts and split hosting

Each business hosting account also offers two SECURE DNS Zone files, for two different domain names. The first or primary domain DNS Zone file is configured to dynamically match your shared business hosting account, in order for your website, web application and email to function with your shared hosting account. The second (seconday) zone can be for any domain name which is parked ontop of the main business hosting account, but with no email only a single dynamic A record which follows the primary domain name A record.

Clients paying yearly for business hosting (non NC/NP) have the option to elect split hosting. Split hosting is where email is hosted by any third party or website is hosted by any third party. To request split hosting the client has to request a new A record, for the split host and provide an IP number for that A record. The client then has to indicate whether the www or the mx record is splitting off. When clients elect to change or customise their domain DNS records there are no additional costs if the changes are limited to one change per month or per 30 day period.

The effect of split hosting is that the email or website for any domain is hosted by a third party.