Malware usually has some sort of purpose.  It can be swiss knife (a bit of everything) or it can have a specific task and goal.

There are many different types of malware, malware can enter your system after visiting a website or after installing a new app or after receiving an email. There are many ways for malware to enter your devices and there are many different levels of malware.

Some new (2020) malware is not easily detected by anti virus software as it is very specialised and is only passwordware or only spyware and takes a long time to reflect in the virus strings at your virus software provider.

All Anti Virus Software is not equal and some AV suppliers have developed counter technology. Malware is basically an constant and ongoing arms race between the AV suppliers and criminal syndicates. If you rely on free anti virus it is recommended that you use at least THREE different anti virus programs or apps and try to have at least ONE paid anti virus app or software. If you are a business you need to include the costs of running at least two anti virus applications on each workstation/device in your IT budget. In my opinion, it is no longer possible or advisable to operate any business without two or more paid anti virus systems.

Malware from a network/server/cloud perspective:

Nkosi tracks the time and day of your “normal” activity by monitoring the outgoing email logs, control panel sign on logs, “normal” website activity and access and/or use of anything on our clouds and/or servers.

Anything not normal or unusual brings up a domain wide flag where your entire domain is more closely monitored and Geographic (Johannesburg, Tshwane, Durban, Cape Town or Istanbul) is more closely monitored and acted on. If we are sure that you (your devices) have a security issue and are behaving in breach of our Terms & Conditions of Service, we will take action to protect you, your domain and our infrastructure from damage. If your password has been compromised, by you (your devices) there may be additional server/cloud cleanups and abuse complaints, etc to attent to and you will be Invoiced for the time we spend in cleaning up, if we do not delete your hosting account as per our T&C)