Real people (sometimes in faraway countries sometimes is a factory near you) are completing contact forms for payment. They are paid  to submit advertising on your website, usually by  unscrupulous companies and low life scumbags.

You probably created your contact form to solicit new clients, new sales or for your clients to contact you. But, for some types of people, your contact form is catnip. They use your contact form to tell you about whatever they are selling and what they can offer you, to get your money. These same “advertisers” do not care that they are enabling criminal syndicates and slave traders to exploit lowly paid people to send you unsolicited offers (spam) – They simply want money, no matter what they have to do to receive it.

Sometimes large multinational companies are running “black ops” and are deliberately sabotaging email, contact forms and other Internet services for various nefarious end goals and objectives.

Of course, you also get random real and legit suppliers of anything from shoes, furniture and tyres also contacting you directly, to sell you their wares. But then you also get those that offer you free advice and unsolicited opinions about anything ranging from the weather to your website. Some even promise you that they can “send you” more Internet traffic or offer you black magic spells. Some threaten you, saying your website is broken (yet they found it and they used your obviously working contact form). Some even try to solicit donations for a poor orphan in some God forsaken coutry somewhere. Others tell you they are “local” and know where you live…

There are a lot of scumbags out there.

They do not care that they are wasting your time. They do not care that they are sending you advertising that you did not ask for, in fact they do not care much about other people at all, they just want your MONEY!

But, there is good news!

You can also mitigate against contact form spam!

If you are receiving unsolicited offers and submissions from your website, here is what you can do to avoid this:

1. Log into your wordpress and update all your plugins (It may be that some of your plugins are outdated)

2. Add a Capcha or additional/different capcha (If you think that the contact are not from people but from robots)

3. You can also use a contact form service, like (You are billed per actual real sales lead or real contact and receive no spam)

4. Remove your contact form and add your email address with your phone number instead of a contact form

Completely stopping contact form spam is possible, but may cost money.