If you have received any suspicious email it is very important that you act immediately

Reporting Spam, Phish, Spear, Whaling, Scams, Ransomware

The email you received can be anything. It could be a PHISH. It could be spear phishing or whaling. It could be normal spam, it could be SPYWARE, it could be many many different things.

Each of these types of attacks require a different approach. Some email abuse requires that it is reported to the SAPS as Cybercrime, some abuse requires reporting it to the ISP, sometimes it is the ISP itself transmitting ot attaching the malicious software.

In order to assist you with a received email we will need you to do two things:

[1] You need to contact: abuse@nkosi.co.za

[2] You also need to copy & paste the raw email source, into a new email, addressed to abuse@nkosi.co.za

Howto report spam, how to report phishing, how to report abuse

There are many resources on the Internet on how you can view the raw source of the email you received. Unfortunaltely some low quality email software or old software has limited functionality to defend you against cyber crime and email abuse.

Here is a website link, which contains guides on how to view email headers: Viewing E-Mail Headers – – Ascams (Anti Scams Website)

You can also ask your qualified IT person or company to assist you as you need to send the email headers (containing the IP numbers and other information) to abuse@nkosi.co.za